Demet Özdemir confesses how she is when she is in a couple: I am very jealous but I don't show it.

Demet Özdemir confesses how she is when she is in a couple: I am very jealous but I don't show it.

Although a few weeks ago her statements on Ibrahim Selim's show went completely unnoticed, a few weeks after her breakup with musician and actor Oğuzhan Koç, with whom she had been in a relationship for barely a year, was confirmed, her words on the well-known show could have been the first clue the actress left of the end of her relationship. 

Demet Özdemir admitted then on 'Tonight with Ibrahim Selim' that sometimes she cannot control her jealousy. "I am very jealous but I don't show it. But I react immediately and quickly realize that it is an unjustified feeling," the actress told, who has revealed that there are some words more important to her than an 'I love you'. "I'd rather say 'I'm glad to have you and that you are here' than 'I love you'," she told the popular Turkish showman. 

Her relationship with Oğuzhan Koç

It was on New Year's Eve 2020 that Demet Özdemir confirmed the rumors about her relationship with singer, actor and screenwriter Oğuzhan Koç. The actress shared on her Instagram profile the first image with him. An image in which both appeared very smiling and accompanied with a heart. That same day, Koç released a brief statement confirming their budding relationship. "Although not as written, but I am starting a relationship with Demet," Özdemir's current partner wrote at the time.

Demet Özdemir and her boyfriend

Unfortunately, their love didn't last long. Shortly before the one year anniversary of their engagement and after spending a few days in Paris, the couple put an end to their relationship. Although the reasons are unknown and hardly have transcended data about what happened, what they have made clear to their environment is that the decision is final. "It's definitely over, there is no turning back," they would have told their intimates, according to a well-known Turkish magazine.  

The impressive mansion of Demet Özdemir

Although the actress has not opened the doors of her house to any media, thanks to social networks we have been able to discover some of the corners of the spectacular mansion that she acquired just over a year ago for four million Turkish liras and that she has renovated to her liking. According to reports, the actress demolished the entire interior of the house, which has been given a contemporary style, as we have been able to see in her networks. Through the snapshots she has shared with her followers we have been able to discover some of the favorite corners of the actress, who has opted for straight and clean lines and metallic finishes in many of the furniture. 

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