Demet Ozdemir: I am honest in advising my friends and sometimes I can hurt them.

Demet Ozdemir: I am honest in advising my friends and sometimes I can hurt them.

Once again, Demet Özdemir has visited the set of 'Tonight with İbrahim Selim', one of the most popular shows in Turkey, and once again she has once again won over the host to the audience with her sincerity and spontaneity. 

The star of 'My Home, My Destiny', who entered with a lot of energy and enthusiasm recalled with the communicator her most tender childhood. And the fact is that although she currently lives in a mansion in the district of Zekeriyaköy, an area close to the large financial centers of Istanbul, the actress was born and spent her early years in İzmit, a small town located in the northwestern part of Anatolia. "It was a small place but there was a really excellent neighborhood culture. I grew up with the neighborhood culture, climbed trees, played outdoors with friends, came home at 21.30. I was there until I was 11-12 years old and I was able to grow up with a lot of freedom because it's a place based on trust and friendship," the actress recalled. 

A child with character and a bit difficult

But despite that freedom and apparent happiness, Demet recognizes that she was a somewhat difficult child. "I didn't talk to anyone when I woke up in the morning," she has recounted to the presenter, to whom she has confessed that she had a complicated character. "As a child, I was incredibly ambitious, determined and impatient. I wanted everything to happen fast. This impatience was creating extreme tension in me," the star of 'Erkenci Kus' and 'Room 309' has recalled during the interview, in which she has acknowledged that when she found her way, her character changed. "You wake up happy." 

A very honest friend

Of course, she has not only talked about that complicated side but Demet has used her appearance on the program to talk about one of her greatest virtues. "I am very realistic and honest when giving advice to my friends," confessed the actress, who has revealed, that this sometimes causes her some trouble. "Sometimes I can hurt people, but in the long run, I can generate positive results in people. That's why I trust my feelings so much and I usually get it right."

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