The actors of Love is in the air Kerem and Hande would break up: the rumors

The actors of Love is in the air Kerem and Hande would break up: the rumors

Coming directly from Turkey some gossip rumors that will certainly not please the fans of Love is in the air. The rumors do not directly concern the soap, which continues to air regularly on Canale 5 with its exciting events, but rather the two protagonists. Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel, who play respectively Serkan and Eda, would have decided to say goodbye: the two have been going steady for a year in real life but, apparently, now they have broken up and there are rumors that the basis of the crisis could be Demet Ozdemir, the beloved Sanem of DayDreamer-Le ali del sogno.

Eda and Serkan of Love is in the air would be at loggerheads

Turkey's biggest romance newspapers have no doubt: Kerem and Hande are no longer a couple. The beloved Eda and Serkan from Love is in the air met and fell in love on the set and decided to start a relationship. The two have always been in love and complicity so the actor interviewed at Verissimo had used the microphones of Silvia Toffanin's words of love and esteem for his beautiful girlfriend. But things between the two would have changed. The latest news about the couple was related to the quarantine that the two had decided to spend together after discovering to be positive to Covid-19.

Everything seemed to be going well until the rumors that started to circulate a few days ago and that want Hande and Kerem far away. According to Turkish newspapers, the two, due to numerous work commitments, were no longer able to spend time together, until they decided to take different paths, but not everyone believes these rumors since the actors continue to follow each other on Instagram.

But while neither Bursin nor Ercel have released any official statement on the matter, the breakup rumors are also joined by some rumors that want Demet Ozdemir at the root of the couple's problems.

DayDreamer's Sanem at the base of the couple's crisis?

DayDreamer's Sanem, who worked with Can Yaman, is supposed to take part in a project for Disney Plus that would see her on the set alongside Kerem. But the role given to Demet was initially proposed to Hande, who then decided to refuse the new job. According to the Turkish media, the relationship between the two actresses is not the best, so Hande would not be happy with the new collaboration between her boyfriend and her colleague.

The misunderstandings would have repercussions in the working sphere, but it is always necessary to underline that we remain in the field of hypothesis, at least for the moment. It will have to be Hande and Kerem, if they want, to clarify their position as a couple.

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