Can Yaman and the big love of his life he won't forget

Can Yaman and the big love of his life he won't forget

Can Yaman and the big love of his life that he will never forget. On the occasion of the release of his first book "Sembra strano anche a me" (It seems strange to me too), Can Yaman tells his story exclusively to Tv Sorrisi e canzoni and recounts some aspects of his life that are still little explored.

Can Yaman and the great love of his life that he will never forget

Small previews of what we can read in the first autobiographical book of Can Yaman, a successful Turkish actor, and star of the moment. Can Yaman has been interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e canzoni. In the issue, the actor of Mr.Wrong talks about love and especially about that love that cannot be forgotten: the one for his parents.

"They gave me a wonderful childhood. I always found in my family what I needed. For years and even today, my father and mother have been my best friends. As a child, I didn't seek out friends of the same age because I was a bit of an introvert," Can Yaman told the weekly magazine.

Can Yaman talks about his first memory with his mom Guldem.

The actor further elaborates on his relationship with his mother who never left him alone." I was 4 years old I was bratty and I used to tear the leaves of plants. My mom explained to me that plants are living things just like dogs and cats. She told me that I had to pet plants the same way I pet animals. Here is a beautiful memory of my mom that I always carry with me."

"My mom was the first one to teach me how to swim and with that teaching about plants, to make me love nature so much."

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