Can Yaman and the drastic weight loss: 10 Kg less in a short time | What's happening

Can Yaman and the drastic weight loss: 10 Kg less in a short time | What's happening

During the last months, the physique of the handsome Turkish actor Can Yaman has undergone several changes: many have noticed it.  The actor currently lives in Italy and is often a guest on Italian shows, the eyes of Italian fans are all on him, few changes could escape the public. 

Despite the fact that fans have a keen eye, however, it must be pointed out that the changes in Can's physique would have been obvious even to those who do not have such a keen observational spirit. But what's going on? Are there some underlying health issues? Here's the truth behind the actor's weight loss. 

Can Yaman has become visibly slim, what's going on? 

Not many months ago, Can had started training heavily to play the role of Sandokan. The actor was already quite fit, but to play that particular role he would have to reach a weight of a good 100 kilos. Imagine 100 kilos of muscle slowly decreasing more and more. 

The change was very noticeable. The mass loss was due to the interruption of training. In fact, the shooting of Sandokan was interrupted because of the covid. In the meantime, however, Can played another role: he played the policeman in the series Viola come il mare. For the role of a simple policeman 100 kilos were really too much, so Can went on a diet and lost 10 kilos, in a very short time. 

However, our handsome actor is fit as a fiddle. It often happens that actors have to lose weight, gain weight or become more muscular to play certain characters. In fact, soon Can will have to put back on the pounds he lost in order to resume playing Sandokan. We will see him again with all his 100 pounds on. It is not unlikely that, once the filming of Sandokan is over, Can will lose weight again: don't worry, he is only doing it for work reasons! 

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