Can Yaman "Atrocious Suffering" for Love: Cheated and Humiliated precisely by her

Can Yaman "Atrocious Suffering" for Love: Cheated and Humiliated precisely by her

As you well know in recent years the famous Turkish actor has definitely moved to our country, Italy. He himself has confessed several times to feel at home and to live a life that he never expected to be able to live. You should know, however, that everything has been granted by the success obtained thanks to various Turkish television series, which have made him popular even in Italy. Thanks to the notoriety acquired, the boy has obtained countless job offers and has decided to put down roots.

With the passing of time, he has even found love, with whom he has spent some unforgettable moments. Yes, we are talking about Diletta Leotta, the famous Italian model and presenter. The two have spent magical moments together, but after some time the spark has been off for them and the two have decided to move away permanently. He currently seems not to be engaged in any kind of romantic relationship. In fact, many are wondering how to stay single a guy so charismatic and talented. In fact, few are aware of his past, apparently, the actor is not particularly inclined to go out on a sentimental level.

Can Yaman, betrayed and humiliated by his better half: the whole truth

As we have already anticipated, the guy currently does not feel at all ready to throw himself headlong into a love affair because the wounds of the past have not yet healed completely. The most desired man in Italy has actually been betrayed by one of his ex-girlfriends, obviously, we are not talking about the famous Diletta Leotta. The whole thing in fact dates back to many years ago when he was still living in Turkey.

You have to know in fact that in 2017 the famous actor was engaged with a beautiful model, with whom he even cohabited for a very long time. Her name is Bestemsu and according to rumors, when the two still shared their daily lives, the woman got carried away by emotions and cheated and humiliated the actor.

Apparently, the rumor at the time was reported everywhere and the model promptly responded to the accusations made against her denying it all. According to her, the two were already very far apart at the time of the incident. In spite of the model's words, however, the actor since then has not been able to really express his feelings since the wound for him still burns.

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