Can Yaman caught also this time: closed in the dressing room with Francesca Chillemi

Can Yaman caught also this time: closed in the dressing room with Francesca Chillemi

Only about a month ago, Can and Francesca were caught together, while he was still engaged to Diletta Leotta. In fact, the two were caught coming out of Francesca's house located in Rome. The two also came out with their hoodie and glasses in an attempt not to be recognized.

Recall, however, while Can is now a single man and available, Francesca is not. In fact, in light of the facts, she is still officially engaged to her partner Stefano Rosso, with whom she also has a daughter. In fact, this could be considered the definitive proof that Can and Francesca are dating. The two in fact have been caught together again against all odds. This is because, after the breakup from Diletta Leotta, no one expected that in the blink of an eye, Can would really find a new flame so few weeks apart.

In fact, the two have been caught red-handed! The paparazzi have managed to catch them trying to shelter from prying eyes, and while they tried to hide and seclude themselves to get more privacy. This is also what the weekly magazine Vero reports, which was probably the first to be able to notice that the two were together:

 "In the sequence above, Can enters what could be the same dressing room as Francesca: it is possible that the two should rehearse some scenes before shooting. Next door and below, Francesca goes to a club and shortly after is joined by her colleague. The gossip about them goes crazy, but so far between the two seems only friendship."

The two in fact were photographed by the same photographers who then shared the photos for Vero. Incredible isn't it? The two were hiding in the dressing room of a place where they were theoretically working on a project. After seeing the photos shared on Instagram they did nothing but just bury the magazine with insults, pointing out over and over again the fact that she is engaged and has a daughter. In fact, there are those who suspect that the fact that the two work together really means that they are together secretly.

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