C'è posta per te, Can Yaman: "With strong women at our side we are invincible"

C'è posta per te, Can Yaman: "With strong women at our side we are invincible"

The second episode of 2022 of the Canale5 people show of sentiments hosted the Turkish actor and the four judges of Tu Si Quit Vales Sabrina Ferilli, Gerry Scotti, Teo Mammucari, and Rudy Zerbi. A real exaltation of the female world. The return of Can Yaman to the studios of the very popular show of Canale5 sentiments was an opportunity for him to talk about the importance that some women have had in his life. No, we are not referring to all the indiscretions that are regularly read on the gossip pages (especially if we are talking about a sexy icon loved by the public like the Turkish actor). Yaman confided in Maria De Filippi's program, telling of her relationship with her grandmothers and her mother. 

The last story of the second episode of There is mail for you yesterday, January 15. saw a 21-year-old boy, Emanuele, making a surprise to his mother and grandmother. The two raised him alone, not without sacrifices. To thank them for their love. Emanuele wrote to the editorial staff of the program, asking them to give the two a meeting with an actor they love to madness (especially the grandmother, apparently, given the looks and palpitations perceptible even from home): Can Yaman. 

After having complimented them for everything they decided to do for Emanuele, the Turkish actor decided to confide in each other, also because he noticed some parallels between his story and the one told by Maria De Filippi. iilf I think about my childhood, I find many similarities with this story. I had two very strong grandmothers. In my first three years of life my maternal grandmother took care of me. From the fourth year, then, there was her paternal one. In the first ten years of my life I had these very strong women and I will always thank them. When you have love with you, when you have such strong women by your side, you are invincible, indestructible. If I hadn't had this gift in my life, maybe things wouldn't have turned out this way. " 

Can Yaman wanted to talk about his relationship with her mother: "She has become my best friend, in everything. She shared everything with me when I was little. We always made her decisions together. This is a beautiful thing. " To conclude this moment, a dance that the actor wanted to give to grandmother and mother, on the notes of Perfect by Ed Sheeran. 

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