Demet Özdemir, backstage proposal: the engagement ring would be worth 60,000 euros

Demet Özdemir, backstage proposal: the engagement ring would be worth 60,000 euros

Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç will get married very soon, but this is not the news that is making Turkish Gossip talk. Since the wedding proposal was held on Valentine's Day evening, the various magazines started to give out various details about the party that the singer organized to propose to his fiancée. Many have called it a "surprise party", but it can not be called such, since the journalist Birsen Altuntaş had spoiled the surprise days before. In any case, it was a celebration where luxury was not lacking, and to confirm this are the alleged figures of the expenses made.

The wedding proposal that makes so much discussion

The wedding proposal that Oğuzhan Koç made to Demet Özdemir made the fans discuss a lot. Some have criticized the "timing", as it was done at the same time as the release of the actress's new movie, Love Tactics, on Netflix; others, however, did not like the press announcement, they would have preferred that the couple had directly communicated the upcoming marriage to fans.

In any case, in Turkey, they are still talking about it and they are coming up with figures about the big party that was organized by the singer for Valentine's Day, where he asked his fiancée for her hand in marriage.

Demet and the 60.000 euro dream ring

The first thing that caught the eye was the long black dress that Demet Özdemir wore during the party, which, according to the well-informed, cost about 17,000 Turkish liras, or almost 1,100 euros.

According to Hürriyet magazine, the party was held at the Six Senses Kocataş Mansions hotel in Sarıyer, a prestigious district located in the European part of Istanbul. Here the singer would have booked, for one night, the double suite overlooking the Bosphorus, at the cost of 82,000 Turkish liras (about 5,300 euros).

In the suite, the couple would have had dinner, and then came the wedding proposal, made with a ring that, according to Haberturk magazine, would have been designed directly by Demet Özdemir. The solitaire that the actress wears on her finger would have a diamond of four carats and would be worth about 955,000 Turkish liras (about 61,000 euros). The future couple, after the fateful proposal, would be joined in the suite by seven close friends.

The wedding will probably be celebrated in summer

For the evening was used, for the various movements, even a special car: a Rolls Royce Phantom worth 18,000,000 Turkish liras (just under 880,000 euros). Now the interest of the Turkish red chronicle moves towards the celebration of the wedding. Nothing precise is known yet, but apparently, the couple could decide to get married by the summer of 2022.

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