Demet Özdemir, a beautiful declaration of love for Can Yaman's ex-partner

Demet Özdemir, a beautiful declaration of love for Can Yaman's ex-partner

Demet Özdemir, a beautiful declaration of love towards the Turkish actress.

Demet Özdemir, the Turkish actress who became famous for the TV series Daydreamer - The Wings of a Dream, where she is the protagonist alongside Can Yaman in a romantic love story, is very appreciated and followed in Italy, where a lot of fan clubs dedicated to her were born.

Not a day passes without the actress receiving messages from her admirers for her beauty, skill, and simplicity. These messages come from men but also, if not above all, from women. One of these has particularly struck us because it was written by a woman, Martina, who expresses a feeling of boundless love towards the Turkish actress. And she does it in Turkish, posting on Instagram a message under a post by Demet.

"Dear Demet, how are you today? You don't know how much I miss you every day. I don't know what to say except to thank you. I thank you because this is not a good time for me. But all I need to be happy is a smile from you, a picture of you. I want you to know, only you can make me smile when everything goes wrong, you are my strength, you are my everything, my reason for living. For you I fight, I hope, I dream. I would not be the same without you. Thank you for really being there, you are a woman to be admired. You are the person I hold close to my heart, you are everything to me, I would do anything to see you happy. Please always smile, you deserve to be happy and smile because I live every day just for your smile. I love you so much. Martina." Hardly have we come across such a strong feeling from an admirer towards her idol.

Meanwhile, Demet Özdemir will return to the small screen in Italy with another love story titled "Love Tactics". This is a romantic comedy that will be available globally from Friday, February 11 on the streaming platform Netflix.

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