Demet Özdemir: 'I will make a series for the digital platform , but will not give details'

Demet Özdemir: 'I will make a series for the digital platform , but will not give details'

Love Tactics starring Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Özyıldız was released on Netflix on February 11, but it is already enjoying great success worldwide. In fact, on the day of February 13, it was the sixth most viewed film in the world on the platform and racked up views especially in Jordan and Lebanon, and in Turkey, it was the most viewed production ever on the digital platform (in Italy it ranked sixth). Regarding this good result, the actress gave an interview to a Turkish magazine, in which she also got to talk about her future projects.

Demet Özdemir: is there love in your life right now? I love my work now'

On the occasion of the Netflix release of Love Tactics, Demet Özdemir gave an interview to the Turkish magazine Hürryet Pazar, in which she had the chance to talk not only about the film in which she is starring but also about her future projects.

The actress, first of all, talked about her male partner in Love Tactics, Şükrü Özyıldız, whom she described as "a naive, caring, incredibly hardworking and responsible gentleman". A beautiful friendship has developed between them and they both hope, as soon as possible, to get together on set to work together on a new production.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, she was asked if she is a romantic person: "I am not a romantic person, but a realist."

I prefer fun to romance." Does Demet expect a gift for the holiday of lovers? "If I receive it I will be happy". In this regard, curiosity is growing, in fact, these days in Turkey there has been talked of a possible wedding proposal from Oğuzhan Koç to Demet on Valentine's Day precisely. It is rumored that the two are back together, but when asked "is there love in your life right now?", she laughed and replied, "I love my work."

Demet: 'The 30 years don't scare me

February 26 will be another very important date for Demet Özdemir, in fact, the actress will turn 30: "When I was 20 years old at every birthday I thought 'okay, I learned something. But I realized that with every passing year I don't learn anything and life always challenges you with new things.

" The 30 years don't scare me."

A life studded with many successes, but if it hadn't gone well with acting, what would Demet have done? "Something related to the world of psychology, I would have tried to take a path with the purpose of helping others."

As for the future, Demet gave a few hints about her plans, "Although I don't give details, I will have a series on a digital platform." No official confirmation has come, but it certainly looks like Demet will be returning to TV with a Disney Plus series.

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