Demet Özdemir is going to marry Oğuzhan Koç: the actress said 'yes' to the singer's proposal

Demet Özdemir is going to marry Oğuzhan Koç: the actress said 'yes' to the singer's proposal

The news that has been awaited for a few days has finally arrived: Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç will soon become husband and wife. It was made official by the couple themselves through the Turkish press. As rumors had announced a few days ago, the Turkish singer proposed to his fiancée during Valentine's Day party.

Oğuzhan Koç's wedding proposal to Demet Özdemir

A few days ago, journalist Birsen Altuntaş had announced it in the pages of her website: Oğuzhan Koç will ask Demet Özdemir to become his wife on Valentine's Day. Sayfa, the Turkish gossip show on Tv8 hosted by Müge Dağıstanlı Erdoğan and Gülşen Yüksel Salt, confirmed the rumor.

As announced by the post, Oğuzhan Koç organized a surprise party to ask Demet for her hand in marriage. She said "yes" and their moment was accompanied by the song Dünyadan Uzak by Sakiler. The post has a photo attached in which Demet and Oğuzhan are hugging each other. She, wearing an elegant black evening gown, shows off an important engagement ring on her finger.

Fans are divided: they did not like the exclusivity of the wedding proposal given to the press

The news that Demet and Oğuzhan were back together was already in the air for several days, as the "surprise" that the Turkish singer has prepared for his future wife, a party to which it seems has been invited not only the press but also relatives and close friends of the couple.

How did the fans take the news? On social media, there are two different kinds of thoughts. Some are happy that the two, finally, are getting married, while others would have preferred that they had been the ones to announce the upcoming nuptials on social media and not leave the exclusivity to the press.

The story between Demet and Oğuzhan

A happy ending that came after a crisis occurred at the end of 2021. It seems that it was a vacation in Paris to put the final break in the couple. In fact, it would seem that the two, at the time, have decided to separate after returning to Istanbul.

It seems that Demet had asked Oğuzhan to take more time for herself, also to be near her mother Ayşen Şener who in this period would not be very well. Apparently, however, they couldn't stay away from each other, until the reconciliation took place a few weeks ago, which brought them close to the wedding. 

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