Demet Özdemir's birthday dress was not appreciated by her followers

Demet Özdemir's birthday dress was not appreciated by her followers

Demet Özdemir has made a name for herself with both her work and her personal life lately. Talking about the movie Love Tactics, Özdemir has also reconciled with her lover, Oğuzhan Koç, and decided to get married. Özdemir, who has recently gained in business and love, celebrated her new age.

Demet Özdemir's 30th birthday dress with her lover and friends was an event. The back of the white dress, which has a simple design, attracted attention. There was a ribbon on the back of the dress, which had a scalloped back that went down to the deep hips.

This dress of Demet Özdemir could not attract the attention of some of her followers. The comments about "You didn't need to get packed", "What a ridiculous dress" came to the famous actress.

Özdemir shared, "30 might seem scary, but you warm up when you get in there... As long as there are people who make us who we are and always guide us to the best and the brightest, your back won't go down the age at any time... It's good that you're here," she said.

"Happy birthday" messages poured to the actress. Oğuzhan Koç celebrated the 30th birthday of his future lover Demet Özdemir. The two danced hand in hand and eye to eye before cutting the cake. The couple's happiness could be seen in their eyes.

Demet Özdemir, who decided to make her love official after a short break with musician Oğuzhan Koç, turned 30. Koç, who proposed to Özdemir with the surprise organization he prepared on February 14, Valentine's Day, celebrated his lover's birthday.

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