Hazal Kaya settles rumors of her husband's infidelity: Every year with you is more beautiful than the last.

Hazal Kaya settles rumors of her husband's infidelity: Every year with you is more beautiful than the last.

Hazal Kaya and her husband, Ali Atay, have celebrated their third wedding anniversary amid rumors of infidelity. For weeks, the Turkish press has suggested that the Turkish actor and director would have betrayed his wife.  After weeks of keeping silent and living with the rumors, the protagonist of 'Our Story' has settled the rumors with a declaration of love that she has shared with her followers on social networks taking advantage of the anniversary of her romantic 'yes I do'. 

With a beautiful black and white snapshot of her wedding day, the actress wanted to make it clear that there is no crisis in her marriage and that she does not believe the insistent rumors that have circulated in the press and on social networks in recent days. Hazal Kaya is happy and in love with Ali Atay, as she has made clear in the message that accompanies the photograph. "I can't believe that three years have passed since this photo. Every year with you is more beautiful than the previous one! For many years together. I love you," wrote the well-known actress.

This is not the first time that the actress declares her love to her husband in a public way. A few months ago during her visit to the set of 'Tonight with Ibrahim Selim', the actress dedicated some romantic words to him. "Every day my love for him reaches another dimension," she said of her marriage while laughing as she acknowledged that her husband was a little reluctant to these public displays of love. "Ali feels very embarrassed when I tell someone about my love for him, but once again, I love him very much," she ended by saying.

Hazal Kaya and her husband's love story.

Becoming one of the most popular couples, Hazal Kaya and her husband, actor and director Ali Atay are one of the strongest marriages in the Turkish television scene. Although they are very discreet with their private life, the beginning of their relationship was much talked about in the Turkish press. It was 2013 and Atay had just broken up his marriage with dancer Ebru Cansız. 

After six years of relationship and after living through some very complicated personal moments, the couple decided to take a step further and on February 6, 2019, the couple said 'I do' in a romantic ceremony. "After overcoming some sad events and becoming stronger together, we said there was no need to wait for a summer wedding," wrote the actress next to some images of their wedding. Two months later, the couple announced on their social networks that they would become parents. At the end of 2019, they welcomed little Fikret Ali, who just turned two years old.

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