"I admire people who have solved their own problems"

"I admire people who have solved their own problems"

Serenay Sarıkaya, who is currently in the musical Alice, was a guest on "Tonight with İbrahim Selim".

Serenay Sarikaya, in the episode "Look Into My Eyes," by Ibrahim Selim "What do you look at without taking your eyes off when you see it?" To the question, "That's what I admire the most and I understand it the moment I see something like that; You know, there are people who have solved their own problems, know themselves very well, they are peaceful with themselves and it brings a sense of confidence. It even creates a light, an energy in that particular lens.

So when you see this person, you know him or her and this light hits you even from far away. As you say beautiful that you find your soul beautiful even before you speak, you understand. This is something that touches me a lot and I can not take my eyes off looking at people like that."she gave the answer.

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