Kerem Bürsin deletes from Ig the post with which he announced the love story with Hande

Kerem Bürsin deletes from Ig the post with which he announced the love story with Hande

If the fans of Sen çal kapimi were expecting something from Kerem Bürsin after Hande Erçel decided to delete from his Instagram profile the photos with the actor, the signal has arrived and it is also very significant. In fact, the actor has decided to "reciprocate" the gesture of Hande, by removing from his Instagram the post with which in the spring of 2021 announced the beginning of their love story.

The 'revenge' of Kerem Bürsin: deletes the most significant photo with Hande Erçel from Instagram

However, Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin have not yet commented on the alleged, but how much more and more probable, breakup. Yesterday's news, Friday, February 18, is the removal of photos by Hande of her ( ex ) boyfriend from her Instagram profile, and the actor, immediately after that, acted with a countermove, deleting from his account only one photo next to Hande, but perhaps the most important one, namely the one in which he officially announced in the spring of 2021 the beginning of their romance during a vacation in the Maldives.

The official announcement by the couple is still missing, but the fans on the horizon begin to predict nothing good. Both Hande and Kerem have decided to keep in their personal Instagram profiles some photos of the couple, namely those that depict them together on the set of Sen çal kapimi or for the covers of some Turkish magazines.

The two on social media continue to follow each other, but interactions with time have become increasingly rare. Kerem's last "like" to a photo of the actress dates back to January 15, while as for the girl, the last social appreciation for her boyfriend dates back to late 2021.

Fans show displeasure and solidarity on social media

Since yesterday the fans, on social, have been commenting on the alleged breakup between Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin and many are pouring under the few photos that the actor has kept with his partner to comment on the affair. There are those who are positive and comment with a "everything will be fine", while others are spilling their sadness wondering about the reason for this breakup.

A separation that would come almost a year after the official start of their love story. The two met on the set of Sen çal kapimi and their professional complicity, in a very short time, turned into love. Several times the media also talked about a possible marriage between them, but the actor has always been clear about it by answering, "We are enjoying our relationship. Marriage is a big thing and we want to enjoy the moment. We have our own careers to pursue and we don't need to make the leap."

An eloquent response, but for the couple there just doesn't seem to be a future.

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