Kerem Bürsin would have said 'no' to Disney series with Demet Özdemir

Kerem Bürsin would have said 'no' to Disney series with Demet Özdemir

Kerem Bürsin would have said no to the series with Demet Özdemir, this is the indiscretion that circulates among the Turkish media. It seems that the actor of Love is in the air has decided not to take part in the project to preserve his love story with Hande Erçel, especially after the gossip leaked in these days about an alleged breakup of the couple caused by the possible collaboration between Kerem and Demet.

Kerem Bürsin is expected not to take part in the Disney series

Preparations for the new Disney Plus series "Dünya İle Benim Aramda" continue to keep pace. This new production will feature Demet Özdemir and Hafsanur Sancaktutan as lead actresses. As for the male leads, until a few days ago there was talk of the almost certain presence of Kerem Bürsin, but to what extent things would change.

As Birsen Altuntaş reveals on her website, the negotiation with the protagonist of Sen Çal Kapımı would be skipped because of the gossip concerning the breakup of the actor with Hande Erçel. In fact, it was rumored in the Turkish media that the two broke up also because the actress would not forgive her boyfriend for not having revealed that he would soon be working with Demet Özdemir. At the moment it is not known if the golden couple of Love is in the air is still together, but maybe Kerem would be trying to mend the relationship, giving up even the very important project with Disney Plus.

At Demet Özdemir's side could be Buğra Gülsoy.

How will things turn out now? It seems that the producers have taken a step back, proposing Buğra Gülsoy as the probable male lead. In fact, the actor, according to some rumors, had been chosen even before Kerem Bürsin to play alongside Hande Erçel.

She would have refused the part, while Disney executives would have decided to replace him with Kerem. Anyway, since negotiations with the latter would have failed, it seems that the production is in the process of making a deal with Buğra.

If all goes well, only the name of the second male lead would be missing.

At the moment, there is no hypothesis about it, although fans would love to see Demet Özdemir's partner in Erkenci Kuş, namely Can Yaman, back together with him. At the moment, however, this hypothesis does not seem plausible. First of all, among Turkish gossips, there are rumors that the actress does not want to work alongside Can Yaman, plus the latter has already been hired for another Disney series, of which no further details are known at the moment. But it would seem that the actor could soon return to Turkey to start filming.

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