Lisa (BLACKPINK) passed by Jungkook, a BTS member who acted strangely: fans wondered "why are you doing this"?

Lisa (BLACKPINK) passed by Jungkook, a BTS member who acted strangely: fans wondered "why are you doing this"?

Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Jungkook (BTS) are two idols attributed by many Kpop fans. Although there is not much public interaction, the ship name "Lizkook" (combined name of the 2 idols) "still holds faith", believing that the youngest BLACKPINK and BTS are dating in real life.

Recently, fans were "delighted" when Lisa publicly wore a shirt of Jungkook's brother's brand. In the lively atmosphere of "hints", an old video of Lisa and Jungkook was unearthed by the shipper with many interesting comments.

This was the situation at the Golden Disc Awards in January 2019. In the video, Lisa is walking to her seat in the row behind the BTS slot. As Lisa walked by, J-Hope acted strangely, he suddenly turned to Jungkook and smiled and asked... to switch seats.

This reaction from J-Hope made the shipper of Lizkook think he was teasing JK. It is worth mentioning that Lisa's seat is right behind J-Hope. Maybe the male idol knew about Lisa-Jungkook's relationship, so he " asked," Jungkook to move to be closer to his " girlfriend"? Or at least, maybe J-Hope also ships Lizkook, so he has this "strange" action. Of course, the truth of this situation is known only to insiders. But it's enough to make the Lizkook fans "smile" as they watch this cute video again.

The Golden Disc Awards 2019 is also an event where there are a lot of great "hints" about Lisa and Jungkook. This is the last event that both BTS and BLACKPINK are attending since January 2019. Therefore, Lizkook's fans are looking forward to both groups participating in an award ceremony to "look for a new hint" about this most famous Kpop couple.

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