Love is in the Air, Kerem Bursin: the film Eflatun also in Italy?

Love is in the Air, Kerem Bursin: the film Eflatun also in Italy?

Fans of Kerem Bursin, the protagonist who plays Serkan Bolat in Love is in the Air, after a long process that lasted two years have been able to see on the web the trailer of his film Eflatun which is about to be released in Turkey. Still no official date and the top-secret plot is known. But let's see what we managed to find out.

For Love is in the Air the second season has started on Canale 5, but for the protagonist Kerem Bursin it's time for other projects. The first images and the trailer of Eflatun, the film that will be released within the year in Turkey and that could also arrive in Italy, have been released on the web: a long film starring Serkan Bolat from the Turkish soap opera.

After Love is in the Air, the film with Kerem Bursin

The filming of Eflatun, which in Italian translates as Plato, began even before Sel Can Kapimi (Love is in the Air), which is having a lot of success in Italy and which features Kerem Bursin (Serkan Bolat), alongside his girlfriend both on the set and in real life, Hande Ercel (Eda Yildiz). The film directed by Cüneyt Karakuş co-stars Irem Helvacıoğlu, known for her role as Nefes Zorlu in the award-winning series Sen Anlat Karadeniz, which aired in 15 countries.

Eflatun, Kerem Bursin plays Oflaz

Eflatun is a feature film where Kerem Bürsin will play the role of Oflaz, while İrem Helvacıoğlu will be Eflâtun. The film was produced by Karakuş Film and shooting began, as we said, in February 2020. The project initially, as well-informed people explain, was to be screened at several festivals and then distributed, but the plans were all skipped due to the pandemic.

Eflatun: Mediaset has bought the rights?

On the plot of the film starring and produced by Kerem Bursin there is maximum confidentiality: nobody says anything. In an interview, Kerem has revealed that he loves his character very much, he said he feels very similar to him:

I felt very similar to him and his state of mind. I really liked the script, I was impressed by it.

In the video that was released a few days ago, it is clear that Eflatun is the name of the female lead. The woman appears while she is busy repairing a watch and has other watches besides her: is this what the young woman does for a living? Kerem further stated that the story is "delicate and beautiful" and that the female role was very complex to play.

Kerem Bursin, a hint of the feature film's plot

Also in the trailer, we see that Kerem and Irem are talking, while on a pier, about a blue shell. You can tell from the girl's few words that she calls Oflaz a nice guy. After a few moments of conversation, the trailer closes with a voiceover saying two words, "Welcome Eflatun". All that remains is to wait.

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