"My soul and my body are two best friends"

"My soul and my body are two best friends"

Bensu Soral, who recently starred in the TV series "Glass Ceilings" and will be on screen with the Netflix movie "Private Lesson", stood in front of the lens for Magnet Quarterly.

the actress talks about love "I think the love that people who don't love themselves feel for others is lacking. I don't see it possible for someone who grew up with a lack of love to know this feeling or even feel it towards someone else. says.

"My favorite feature of myself is that I can always look at life from a positive perspective. This feature gives me great comfort. Says Soral, "The biggest thing in my self-love is my admiration for the strong connection between my soul and my body. I see my soul and my body as two closest friends. If one is hurt, the other always heals it."

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