Can Yaman, Cecchi Paone: 'As long as he does romantic series we won't know if he's good as well as handsome'

Can Yaman, Cecchi Paone: 'As long as he does romantic series we won't know if he's good as well as handsome'

Since the Turkish soaps in which Can Yaman is the protagonist have landed in Italy, the Turkish actor has become an idol for the public. Loved for his roles but undoubtedly also for his statuesque physical appearance, Diletta Leotta's ex-boyfriend is followed in his every move. For Can the work has multiplied and with this also the affection of the supporters, but someone has expressed some perplexity on the artistic qualities of the sex symbol. A reader of Nuovo Tv asked Alessandro Cecchi Paone what he thinks about Yaman's acting style and the journalist expressed his point of view on the matter.

The reader's doubts on Can's acting qualities

Cecchi Paone regularly writes a column in the magazine Nuovo Tv in which he answers readers' questions about characters from the world of entertainment. This time, a reader wanted to ask the journalist's opinion about Can Yaman. Basically, the lady pointed out that certainly the physical qualities are obvious to everyone and are definitely valid support for an actor. But the doubt is whether so much success is also supported by acting skills.

At this point, Alessandro responded by stating that in fact still the real test bench for the actor, currently engaged on the set of 'Viola come il mare' with colleague Francesca Chillemi, has not arrived.

'I think we have to wait for him the opportunity of a real art film,' Cecchi Paone said, adding then that he still hasn't been able to test Can's abilities, since so far he has never heard him acting in Italian, if not for very short parts, but only dubbed.

The opinion of the journalist

As long as he only does romantic fiction we'll never know if he's good as well as handsome," continued the journalist who then recalled that Yaman will soon be the protagonist of Sandokan, the shooting of which should start soon.

According to Cecchi Paone, this project which will see him at the center of the scene will be very important in highlighting his acting qualities.

'He will finally be able to show if there is more to him than just muscles,' concluded Alessandro. And certainly, Yaman's upcoming works will highlight new qualities of the Turkish actor. So far, the roles have perfectly matched his physical appearance.

From Bitter Sweet to DayDreamer, Can has been able to win over viewers, but now he'll have to prove that his fame is well-deserved and goes far beyond his looks. Who knows if, after the new projects that will see the actor at work, the journalist will return to express his opinion on the idol of Italian viewers.

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