Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi's evident awkwardness: it happened in front of everyone

Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi's evident awkwardness: it happened in front of everyone

Francesca Chillemi shows herself visibly embarrassed next to Can Yaman: the feeling between the two actors is evident and makes people discuss.

The working relationship and the harmony on the set of Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman has been talked about for a long time during the autumn. Since the first days of filming, the weekly magazines have focused on the excellent relationship that had been created between the two actors. Since their characters have a very strong relationship, the actors thought that in order to make this harmony believable, it was useful to create it off the set as well. Dinners and afternoons spent together to help solidify their relationship were featured in weekly magazines, along with continued insinuations that there might be something more than just a friendship.

The former Miss Italy is happily engaged with Stefano Rosso, the couple five years ago also had a child and at least officially there is no crisis. A little bit of tension was created by the weekly magazines, publishing the photos that showed that Francesca and Can had been together in the actress' house in Rome. The actress and her partner immediately clarified the thing and Stefano accepted and understood her explanation. However, the son of the patron of the Diesel brand revealed that in the family someone still doubts her and feels annoyed by the gossip of these months.

Francesca Chillemi, the awkwardness next to Can Yaman gives rise to new insinuations

Even though it has been clarified that there is nothing apart from the working relationship, the weekly magazine Nuovo this week returns to the affair. The reason for this umpteenth article on the possible intimate relationship between the two are the photos that the paparazzi have taken on the set of Viola come il mare, fiction that sees them as protagonists and will soon debut on Canale 5. 

In all likelihood, the photographer was good at capturing the moment and the photo does not indicate anything, not even the alleged embarrassment mentioned in the weekly magazine. However, this is enough to make a parallel between the photos of Francesca in the company of Can and those in the company of Stefano. It is claimed that with the companion the actress is more serious, while with the colleague more relaxed and smiling. Will it be true or is it yet another speculation on the matter?

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