Can Yaman immortalized in the disco: fans notice the serious and thoughtful look (VIDEO)

Can Yaman immortalized in the disco: fans notice the serious and thoughtful look (VIDEO)

Can Yaman has been immortalized while relaxing in a disco in Rome. After the end of the filming of Viola come il mare, the Turkish actor returned to the capital to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Not to escape the fans, was his serious and thoughtful look. Several hypotheses have been formulated on the possible reason for the upset of their favorite.

Can Yaman thoughtful in a disco in Rome

Can Yaman, after the end of the filming of Viola come il mare that sees him as the protagonist with Francesca Chillemi, returned to Rome, where he allowed himself an evening of relaxation in a well-known club.

Several videos of the evening are circulating on the web, but in particular one of them has attracted the attention of fans of the Turkish actor. In this shot, you can see the actor in a shirt, with his hair pulled and cigar, but the detail that does not escape is that, in a context of fun, music and beautiful women dancing, Can has a look absent and serious, as if he were thinking about something else.

The hypothesis of the fans on the presumed thoughts of Can

Many fans have traced the disturbance of their favorite to the absence of his two inseparable friends from Rome, Francio and Macellari. With the latter in particular, it would seem interrupted the relationship for unknown reasons. In fact, Roberto Macellari no longer appears in the company of the actor, not even near the actor's home in Rome, where he had often been immortalized by the paparazzi.

Still, others have thought that his alleged thoughts concern the upcoming marriage of his former Daydreamer colleague with Turkish singer Oguzhan Koc. In fact, although there has never been a confirmation or denial from those directly involved, according to rumors, the two would have had a relationship at the time of the famous TV series, then ended due to the move of Can in Italy for work reasons.

Fans have always hoped that the relationship between the two had really existed and that there could be a return of flame that would represent a transposition of the love played on the set by Can and Sanem. Obviously, these are just fan speculations.

Can Yaman seems to be still single?

Only the one with Diletta Leotta, although widely discussed, has been the only official relationship of Can Yaman.

After the end of the story in July 2021, except for some rumors, Can would not have had other relationships. Among the gossip in question, there are those concerning the Neapolitan beautician Maria and the flirtation with the colleague Francesca Chillemi, which have not had any confirmation from the interested parties. Currently, the Turkish actor seems to be single and interested only in working projects.

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