Can Yaman is in the main role in El Turco !

Can Yaman is in the main role in El Turco !

Ay Yapım has started working on the novel "El Turco" by Orhan Yeniaras, for which they have acquired the rights. The main actor of the project, which will be adapted from the novel "El Turco", in which history and fiction are intertwined, is Can Yaman, who has been pursuing his career in Italy for some time.

The project, in which a half-fictional, half-real story is told, will meet the public on Disney Plus, the Ottoman raider "El Turco". The series is about settling in the village of Moena in Italy after the 2nd siege of Vienna and freeing the village from feudal lords.

In the historical fiction novel "El Turco" by Orhan Yeniaras, the Ottoman intelligence officer Balaban Ağa, who was found wounded by the Moena people during the 2nd siege of Vienna, settled in this village and a successful peasant uprising is organized against the feudal lords, who bound the people in tribute.

Kerem Deren writes the series directed by Uluç Bayraktar.

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