Can Yaman, why does he speak Italian? The revelation that no one knew

Can Yaman, why does he speak Italian? The revelation that no one knew

Do you know why Can Yaman speaks Italian? The famous actor has a real passion for Italy. Here's how he learned the language

Can Yaman is a famous Turkish actor, much loved in Italy for having been the protagonist of Daydreamer: On the Wings of Dreams, very popular fiction in Italy, thanks to the originality of the plot and the compelling story told, which involved millions of viewers.

Of course, the actor has become famous for his love story with Diletta Leotta. Many have had doubts about the veracity of this relationship, but the fact is that for months have populated all the pages of gossip. Apparently, he has a real passion for Italy: did you know that he can speak Italian?

He speaks Italian very well. In fact, several scenes of the fiction has shown off his almost perfect Italian. The actor has conquered everyone with his charm and beauty. Here in Italy, he is considered one of the most appreciated and famous interpreters of fiction.

But why can he speak Italian so well? Where did he learn it? That's not all: Italian is not the only language he knows so well. Of course, in addition to Turkish, he is also fluent in English, German, and Spanish.

A total of five languages. In short, a polyglot. Can Yaman never ceases to amaze with his skills. But let's find out where he learned to be so fluent in Italian.

Can Yaman, where did he learn Italian? Here is the school he attended

In Italy he became very famous for being the protagonist of the cult fiction Daydreamer: On the Wings of a Dream. Not only that, but he has been on all the gossip covers for his affair with Diletta Leotta, which has now come to an end.

Have you ever heard Can Yaman speak Italian? It happened in some scenes of the famous Turkish fiction. On these occasions, he showed off a rather fluent Italian, amazing all the viewers. On the other hand, as mentioned above, he can speak five languages.

He seems to have a great passion for Italy and Italian. When she was a teenager he attended the Italian high school in Istanbul and for this reason, he knows our language so well.

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