Crisis hypothesis for the couple of Love is in the air: Hande Ercel stops following Kerem

Crisis hypothesis for the couple of Love is in the air: Hande Ercel stops following Kerem

The fans of the couple protagonist of the Turkish TV series Love is in the air are in a frenzy: there would be, in fact, according to some clues left on social media, the air of crisis between the interpreters of Eda Yildiz and Serkan Bolat. Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin, who met on the set of the TV series, had made their relationship official also in real life in April 2021 through a post on Instagram. Fans speculated a split between the two due to suspicious movements on Instagram, especially from Hande.

Hande Ercel stops following Kerem Bursin and deletes all photos with him

Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin started to stop sharing moments together, as they used to do, and stop exchanging likes on photos. But what made fans even more suspicious was the fact that Hande stopped following her boyfriend Kerem's profile on Instagram. Moreover, the Turkish actress deleted all the photos together with her boyfriend. On the part of Kerem, the movements on social have not been so drastic: Kerem still follows Hande and has kept some photos with her on his profile, the less recent ones, taken on the set of the TV series, while the actor also deleted those published after the beginning of their relationship.

Recall, in fact, that the officialization of the romance between the two occurred through the publication, on Kerem's Instagram profile, of a photo together on vacation, currently not present on the profile of the Turkish actor.

The hypotheses on the alleged breakup between Hande and Kerem

Several hypotheses have been formulated on the alleged crisis. Initially, it was thought, in fact, that the estrangement of the couple was due to a fit of jealousy on the part of Hande towards Demet Ozdemir, who should have acted with Kerem in a Disney production. According to other rumors, at the base of the breakup, there would be character incompatibilities between the two. These are obviously rumors, as the parties have not expressed themselves on the alleged crisis and its reasons.

Their fans, of course, hope it could be a temporary crisis and that they can return happy together.

Kerem's words of love for Hande pronounced at Verissimo a few months ago

In September 2021, Kerem Bursin gave an interview to Silvia Toffanin. The Turkish actor, very careful about his privacy, declared that he wanted to live freely with Hande, whom he defined as the person he had chosen. He explained that between him and the actress it wasn't love at first sight: in fact, for a certain period the two were only friends and colleagues, but the many hours spent on set together, contributed to the transformation of their relationship: "(Hande, ed.) is beautiful and she is an exceptional person", declared Bursin.

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