Demet Özdemir outbursts at rumors about a possible plastic surgery

Demet Özdemir outbursts at rumors about a possible plastic surgery

No operations, no botox or any kind of plastic surgery. Demet Özdemir has been very forceful in her response after a rumor spread through social networks that suggested that in recent times the actress could have had some plastic surgery.

Fed up with the comments and although she does not usually give explanations about her private life, the protagonist of 'Room 309' has denied that she has undergone plastic surgery. "I've been doing TV series for 9 years, where can I find the time to have surgery? If they take my 16-year-old self and put them next to my 30-year-old self - of course, it's not the same!"

No botox, just facial yoga

Speaking to a well-known Turkish magazine, the actress explained that just by changing weight, the face can change. "I'm getting fatter and thinner. Even if you remove your eyebrows it affects your face - I don't even have Botox!" said the actress, who has no intention of getting retouched, at least for the time being. "I do a lot of facial expressions, I don't think about getting botox until I'm 40 because I think it will be difficult while I'm acting" she has told.

What she does do to take care of her face is facial yoga, a technique she already talked about a few months ago when the press caught her leaving a beauty center. "I've started to try facial yoga. We have sport, we take care of the body, but we have a lot of muscles in the face. It avoids the sagging of the face that comes with age, I wanted to try it," said then the actress, who has confirmed that she continues to practice it frequently to keep her face looking young without resorting to more invasive treatments.

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