El Turco series of Ay Yapim for Disney Plus for which Can Yaman was announced as a lead actor

El Turco series of Ay Yapim for Disney Plus for which Can Yaman was announced as a lead actor

At the end of the seventeenth century, the infantry troops of the Sultan (the Janissaries). Who were fighting to defend the Ottoman Empire and extend its borders, seemed to be an unstoppable force, so much so that they arrived, with a campaign destined to remain in the history books, up to the gates of Vienna. 

In 1683, after the brief peace of Eisenburg, the troops of the sultanate massed around the Austrian city, but failed in the enterprise: defeated by Charles V, they had to return to Istanbul.

Mehmed IV was dethroned, the vizier Kara Mustafa executed and from there the Ottomans began a long and inexorable decline. 

Among the troops who had attempted the definitive assault on the heart of Europe, there was also Hasan whom we will now call as an intelligence agent. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of Russian, German and Italian, he was chosen by Kara Mustafa to gather information. 

Hasan was strongly critical about the Pasha, accusing him of having underestimated the risks of military action as complicated and difficult as the attack on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sentenced to death by Kara Mustafa, he managed to escape and, after traveling 200 kilometers in the heart of the Alps, he finally found a place that made him feel safe enough to stop: Moena. 

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