Exclusive interview with Kerem Bürsin:I fall in love with passionate and warm women.

Exclusive interview with Kerem Bürsin:I fall in love with passionate and warm women.

As captivatingly attractive as he is charming, Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin has visited Spain for the second time on the occasion of the 25th edition of the Malaga Film Festival, where he aroused genuine passions on the red carpet.

Kerem, always kind and attentive to his fans, accepted to take pictures with whoever asked for them. What a charm the handsome Serkan from "Love is in the air"!

At PRONTO.ES, we were even luckier, as we had the opportunity to have a wonderful chat with him, an exclusive one-on-one interview where we discovered that this 34-year-old Istanbul native -who is also an actor, producer, and model- is as attractive on the inside as he is on the outside. And in our chat, we discovered a young man who is very approachable, funny, committed, sensitive, and down to earth. 

And be careful, because this visit to Spain has brought him closer to many Spanish actors and directors whom he idolizes and with whom he would like to start a project, so it would not be very strange to have him again very soon within our borders. Here you have the full chat with an actor who has undoubtedly left a lot of love in the Malaga air during his visit to Spain.

"The passion of the fans is something wonderful".

PRONTO.ES: Kerem, we are delighted to have you back in Spain, this time to experience this important Film Festival. What has it been like to walk down that red carpet where you have been so acclaimed?

KEREM BÜRSIN: Honestly, it was great. For me it has been an honor to be invited to this festival, it has been beautiful and a challenge because I respect the industry of Spanish cinema and its actors and directors since I was a child, I have always seen and followed them, they are artists that I respect very much! 

Q.: And how has it been for you to meet them?

K.B.: For me, Spain is a fascinating country in terms of its art and its artists. So to be part of all this in this festival has been an absolute honor, a marvel. I feel very grateful and humbled among these artists.

Q.: Yes, but the one who has caused the most revolution has been you. How do you feel in our country, where you have a legion of fans who adore you and go crazy?

K.B.: Ugh, it's something I never get used to, but it's wonderful. It's great because we actors do our work for ourselves and for people, we want to entertain. And to get a response from that, it makes me feel happy, it drives me to work more and more, to do more things. It doesn't matter if the response comes from thousands of people, or just one, you feel the affection of a person, and you connect with them, and that's the wonderful thing about this job.

Q.: You are undoubtedly loved by thousands of fans here, what is special about Spain for you, what do you like about it? 

K.B.: It's a wonderful country with a lot of wonderful things. But I think the people are the most amazing thing. You are all very warm. These days I have been able to walk around Malaga and I was fascinated to see people dancing in the street! Nothing matters, everyone is happy, I loved to see how those people were dancing without caring if anyone was looking at them or not, just because they were happy, and I said to myself: "That's what life is all about! I see a lot of freedom. For me, it's fresh, wonderful.

Meeting Antonio Banderas has been a dream come true for him.

Q.: How about this second stay in our country? Are you going to have time for sightseeing?

K.B.: Oh, unfortunately, I have to leave already after the weekend because I have to attend to some work plans, but it is very likely that I will be back soon because I have meetings with Antonio Banderas. Yesterday I already had the opportunity to be with him, I was able to see him playing live and it was crazy, think that I grew up watching his movies! And to see him live, to see what a tremendous actor he is, I was really amazed, very amazed. And to be able to meet him was a dream because for me he is a master. I will never forget this moment of seeing him act, I will always have him in my heart because afterward we talked and he was really nice...

Q.: Would you take pictures with him!

K.B.: Yes, yes, of course, it's ANTONIO BANDERAS! It was a fascinating moment for me that I will always remember. 

Q.: You have put yourself in the fans' shoes, ha, ha. Hey, speaking of your female fans, have you had any funny anecdotes these days with them?

K.B.: I have loved sharing laughs and hugs with them. It's a lot of fun. And what surprises me is that they are very attentive to me, they always help me. I mean, if I have the lapel of my jacket up, they tell me and say: "Kerem, put it up properly for the photo". They act like my friends, and I think that's great. Or if we take a picture and I look bad, they tell me: "Don't worry, we'll take another one, you've got your eyes closed in this one. I feel they take care of me a lot. They are wonderful. Do you know what happens? When someone approaches me with so much respect, how can I not return that respect! If they smile at you, you smile back. That's my philosophy in life, that's what I do when I meet people. I don't like to call them "my fans", they are people who support me and they are my friends. That's how I see them. I don't like to be snooty, on the contrary, when they say something nice to me or follow me, what comes from my heart is to thank them and say: "Please, give me a hug". They are like friends, and I appreciate them. For example, I always reply on my Twitter. If someone writes to me and asks me a question, I always answer it simply because, why not?

Q.: But you must be aware that this is not usual among celebrities?

K.B.: Well, I don't know exactly how come. It's what I'm born to do.

"It would be a dream for me to work in Spain".
Q.: What are you involved in now? What professional plans do you have now?

K.B.: Well, I'm working on different projects. Luckily I have something fascinating in my hands, a project I've been working on for five years and it looks like it's going to become a reality, although I can't say anything at the moment.

Q.: But it is a project in which you are both actor and producer?

K.B.: Yes, and something else. I'm having some fantastic meetings about it, now we're looking at schedules and planning everything. But right now I'm going to take some time off, about six months, and then I'll be back to surprise. 

Q.: There are already rumors that you could come to Spain to shoot if this project goes ahead.

K.B.: Ha, ha, ha. I can't say anything! But I would really love to. It would be a dream for me to work with some Spanish directors and actors that I respect. 

"Serkan and I are very different and it's been a lot of fun to play him."
Q.: Kerem, Turkish series are revolutionizing the whole world, and here in Spain they are causing a real furor. To what do you attribute the success?

K.B.: We are all very surprised, both the actors and the producers. Nobody knows why they are so successful, I don't know! But it's wonderful. Look, I think "Love is in the air" is not at all like an Almodovar film, it's much simpler. But it's fantastic that it doesn't matter what language you're speaking because what is universal are emotions, feelings. And the fact that the Turkish series succeed here only means that we are all people, that we all have feelings and we all share them. 

Q.: Undoubtedly your role as Serkan has given you spectacular worldwide visibility. Of course, you don't look much like your character.

K.B.: No, ha, ha, not too much. And that's been the fun part. I love Serkan, he's been my best friend for two years and it's been a lot of fun. He's a very perfectionist guy, very serious, manic, like a robot, no feelings, you know, I don't, I don't think we're much alike, although that would be better if my friends told you, ha, ha. Man, of course, there will be things we have in common, but we are very different and it's been a lot of fun playing him.

"I'm in love with a woman who is independent and who knows how to respect."
Q.: Kerem, we don't want to end this wonderful chat without exploring a facet of yours that interests us a lot, that of love. As you told us, you want to keep your private life away from the public sphere, reserved for you. But we would like to know how you are in the field of love. What does a woman have to do to conquer you?

K.B.: Look, what I find attractive in people, in all kinds of people, is that they are passionate. Passionate towards life. I like independent women, warm women. And I don't care if they work in acting if they are waitresses. I am one heart and she is another. Not many people think like that, I know, some people think that money makes people better or more attractive, but not for me. I don't care if someone works waiting tables or cleaning toilets, I did it myself before I became an actor and I'm the same person! Nothing has changed. So what I fall in love with is someone who above all has respect for others, who knows how to respect.

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