Hande Erçel allegedly turned the page after Bursin: she is with a Turkish entrepreneur

Hande Erçel allegedly turned the page after Bursin: she is with a Turkish entrepreneur

Lately, the Gossip about the alleged breakup between Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin has been driving all around Turkey crazy. Ever since they removed "evidence" of their love from social media, with Hande also deciding to stop following him on Instagram, people are always trying to speculate what could have been the reason for their separation.

Nevertheless, according to Turkish media, it seems that Hande Erçel has already moved on and fallen in love with a well-known entrepreneur of a jewelry brand.

Could Hande Erçel have a new boyfriend?

Could Hande Erçel have fallen in love with another man?

This is the indiscretion that leaks from Turkish television. In fact, during an episode of Söylemezsem Olmaz, the Turkish television gossip program aired on Beyaz TV and hosted by Bircan Cali and Arto, a rumor was revealed about the love life of the female protagonist of Sen çal Kapimi.

It seems that the girl might have fallen in love with a Turkish entrepreneur, Atasey Kamer, general manager of Atasay Jewelry, a company for which Hande Erçel is a testimonial. Videos of the two of them together during an event have also leaked on social media. Those directly involved have not confirmed, but neither denied the news.

The end between Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin

This gossip comes after the, almost certain, end between Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin. The two carried on a love affair that lasted almost a year, after meeting on the set of Sen çal kapimi and making their relationship official during a trip to the Maldives. It is said that he did everything to win back his beloved, but the relationship would have reached a point of no return, to the point that she would have decided to stop following him on Instagram, deleting from the gallery all the photographs in which they were portrayed together.

The end of their love story has caused a lot of uproars not only in Turkey, although we should talk about the alleged end, since the parties have never made official the indiscretion, despite all the clues released in recent weeks on social networks.

Many hypotheses have been made about the reasons of the breakup, the last one leaked by Turkish newspapers talks about a separation that occurred because of the managers: it seems, in fact, that they pressured Hande and Kerem because they feared that their story could harm their respective careers.

The last exchange of comments of the two actors as boyfriend and girlfriend dates back to January 18, during the celebrations for the birthday of Hande's sister, Gamze. The actress, in fact, celebrated together with her sister and her husband in Sapanca: Kerem was absent, but despite that Gamze's husband tagged him in some photos. From that moment on, the love between Hande and Kerem seems to have vanished into thin air.

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