Hande Ercel attacked by haters . The fury of the Italian fans in defense!

Hande Ercel attacked by haters . The fury of the Italian fans in defense!

As you know by now, Hande Ercel has deleted all the photos that portrayed her with Kerem Bursin. In addition, the actress has stopped following her colleague, and the co-star of Love is in the air on Instagram.

Obviously, the latest actions of Hande Ercel have been criticized by a portion of users.

However, the situation got worse on today's day (March 10, 2022). The Turkish actress has been the subject of pleasant insinuations, due to a video that was posted on the internet. Basically, you can see the actress having a normal conversation with the owner of Atasay. We are talking about an event that took place in December 2021. And just now, they've popped up this video...mind-blowing stuff...

As I mentioned, Hande Ercel's "haters" have made some inappropriate remarks.

Hande Ercel: the fury of the fans in her defense

The reaction of Hande Ercel's fans was not long in coming. Actually, the reaction was JUSTLY furious. Everyone expressed their closeness and support to the talented star of Love is in the air. Italian fans, on their own initiative, launched the hashtag #Handenonseisola. Hashtag that has been displayed by Hande Ercel herself!

The visualization of the actress must be highly considered by all since the actress observes our actions. On the recommendation of one of our users, another hashtag was launched in favor of the sweet Hande Ercel: #WeForHandemiyy.

This further confirms the great support of the fandom for the Turkish actress.

The attack on Hande Ercel: my considerations

Lately, I have not expressed myself, but this time, I want to speak my mind.I am outraged by what happened and what is happening. I find intolerable all this fury towards a person, a woman.

And the aspect that really outraged me, was placing the video online, on the occasion of a possible crisis/break with Kerem Bursin. Whoever did it, it's as if he played an "evil joker" to shame the actress as a person. There is no end to evilness, period.

To the fans of Hande Ercel, I say never abandon her, and continue to support her under any circumstances. I continue to stand by the HanKers both as a couple and individually.

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