Hazal Kaya explodes at brutal criticism of her latest work: You can't make hateful comments.

Hazal Kaya explodes at brutal criticism of her latest work: You can't make hateful comments.

Hazal Kaya has become the protagonist of the week in Turkey after the brutal criticism she has received from Ahmet Hakan, the editor-in-chief of 'Hürriyet' newspaper, who did not like her performance in the series 'Pera Palas'ta Gece Yarısı Midnight' which starred 'Our Story'.

The journalist has published an article titled 'Five Reasons Why I Hate Hazal Kaya's Acting' in which he was relentless. "He doesn't know how to put an expression on her eyes and face. She is always in the mood of a spoiled child no matter what the scenario is. There is endless, endless artificiality in her acting," he has written in his column in 'Hürriyet'.

Faced with this brutal criticism of her work, the protagonist of 'Our Story' has not hesitated to use her social networks to defend herself from what she considers an unjustified attack. "How can a woman who travels in time and goes back 100 years be natural? How can an actress who plays a fiction like this act as if she were in the ordinary course of life? There is no real scenario in the series, it's a fantasy genre fiction.

So I built my performance with these details in mind. You may not like it but some may have changed the scale of critical justice. But you can't make hateful comments about my body or my presence! Especially when it comes to maintaining your privileged position, we who know how to shut up just can't do it!" the actress wrote on her Twitter.

The actress, in the eye of the hurricane

Although she has always maintained a cordial relationship with the press and has always been a respected actress, the last few months have been complicated. In addition to this merciless criticism, there are rumors of her husband's infidelity. For some weeks now there has been speculation in the Turkish press about a possible crisis of the couple due to an alleged disloyalty on which neither would have wanted to pronounce.

 For several days the couple put up with the rumors until the protagonist of 'Our Story' put them to rest with a declaration of love coinciding with their wedding anniversary. "I can't believe it's been three years since this photo Every year with you is more beautiful than the last! For many more years together. I love you," the actress wrote at the time. 

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