Kerem Bursin: In 'Love is in the air' we were a family and we were going to have a good time.

Kerem Bursin: In 'Love is in the air' we were a family and we were going to have a good time.

It has been months since the Turkish series Love is in the air, starring Kerem Bursin and Hande Erçel, came to an end. Serkan and eda's love story had as many as almost two million people closely following the course of their comings and goings. But what was the key for this Turkish fiction to be so successful in Spain? Kerem Bursin reveals it.

During the 25th edition of the Malaga Film Festival, the Turkish actor visited Spain to be present at the event and experience first-hand the cinematographic and television offer of the Spanish industry. Although the actor is now focused on different and new projects, very different from Love is in the air, he remembers his experience in the series with great affection. 

I think the great success of the series is that each and every member of the team was very close. We were a big family and we had a great time. We just believed in what we were doing and we enjoyed it.

With two seasons and 52 episodes (161 in the international version), Love is in the air became a real crowd-puller. Its premiere date, in January 2021 and coinciding with a very complicated moment due to the worldwide pandemic, made this fiction connect so well with the public. "This kind of series are important to escape from reality or take a break," assures Bursin.

Farewell to Eda and Serkan: This was the final episode of 'Love is in the air'.

To this day, however, it remains a great mystery how Turkish TV fiction has broken into the free-to-air grids and taken over the audience. Bursin has created together with Kemal Çömelek an audiovisual production company called Braveborn Films, and despite being an active part of the industry both in front of and behind the cameras, for the actor, the resounding boom of Turkish series in Spain remains a mystery.

"I think the producers in Turkey don't have this answer either. However, it is something that has become a fact that they are revolutionizing the world. It's been a very difficult few years with the pandemic and there has been a lot of negativity. Just to find a story like Love is in the air that is positive, simple, and about how love fills people's lives is more than enough," the actor acknowledges. 

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