Kerem Bursin, the main character of Love is in the air, tells us what he' s really like in his intimate life.

Kerem Bursin, the main character of Love is in the air, tells us what he' s really like in his intimate life.

The handsome Serkan of the famous Turkish series talked exclusively about what he's like when the cameras are off and what his most unknown dreams are... Don't miss it! During his last visit to Spain, was able to talk exclusively with the actor of the moment, the nice and attractive Kerem Bursin, who revealed the most hidden aspects of his real-life...

He is super creative and he loves cabinetmaking.

Q.: Kerem, since we are so close to you and you are so charming, we would like to know more about you, what are you like off-camera, how do you define yourself?

K.B.: As a result of my work, the truth is that I am a person who likes to keep my intimate life private, but sometimes everything escapes your control. However, I do have some very strong pillars to hold on to, like my family. My family is super important to me, they are my support, you know, my support. Then I'm a person who likes to create, that's why I have a production company. And I have many hobbies that have to do with that creative side. I love to use my hands and create things.

Don't miss him practicing one of his hobbies!

 Q.: Yes, what kind?

K.B.: I love working with wood, cabinetmaking. I build small cabinets, I put their doors, their hinges, I love it! I hope someday I can become a great carpenter, I think it's a beautiful trade.

Q.: Really? that's funny!

K.B.: Yes, and another thing I'm passionate about is farming. And teaching. One of my dreams for when I grow up is to be able to teach, to be a teacher. I really like the simple life. And I love reading and sports. I love to get up early, at five-thirty in the morning, make myself a smoothie, go to the gym, come back and work for a while, and go back again to the gym. I like the simple life with my small group of friends.

Q.: You had a peculiar childhood traveling -because of your father's job, which forced you to move all the time- and you have lived in many different countries. How has that marked your personality and your way of seeing life?

K.B.: I think it has made me a much more open-minded person. For me it was a bit complicated to take on so many moves when I was little because I made friends and then I had to leave; because I got used to a place and then we had to leave. And always moving to different places, with different cultures. But what it allowed me since I was a child was to adapt quickly to everything. And to respect differences. People may have different religions, different cultures, people love, cry, laugh everywhere. It's something I learned as a child, that it doesn't matter the color of your skin, your sexual preferences. It doesn't matter what you believe in. The earth for everyone is the same, the trees are the same, we all have the same sky. I learned that differences are good and okay.

"Injustices hurt me deeply."

Q.: We are loving discovering you, knowing how you are in-depth. Let's go on... would you confess a defect and a virtue of yours?

K.B.: Well, a virtue would be what I have told you, my ability to adapt to everything. And defects... there are so many! If I call a friend I'm sure he can make you a long list, ha, ha.

Q.: I'm sure not, ha, ha.

K.B.: Look, I'll tell you a defect: I can't stand injustices, they affect me very much, they hurt me deeply. 

Q.: In fact, you are a guy who is involved in many social causes. Which are the ones that move you the most? What injustices in the world are the ones that make you most angry and incite you to act?

K.B.: Look, something that is important to me, that moves my heart, is equality between men and women, the patriarchal system in which we live. It's unfair, it's something that makes no sense to me and that has bothered me since I was a child. We need a society with the same opportunities for women and men, a more equal world. In fact, look at the movies: men are always the heroes, they always make the decisions. And only 20% of the important roles in movies are given to women. 

Another thing that moves me is the environmental issue, the plastic crisis, it's something I work with a lot of passion in Turkey to raise awareness. We need to change the way we consume, the personal use of plastic. But a revolution is possible.

"I go by what my heart asks me to do."

Q.: In love, do you like to take the first step or let the girls take the initiative?

K.B.: I think it doesn't matter. But look, it's true that when I was younger my attitude was: "Either you give me a sign or I'm not coming", ha, ha. Otherwise, I didn't dare. But now I let myself be carried away by my feelings, by what my heart asks me to do.

Q.: What personal dreams do you have, would you like to start a family and have children?

K.B.: Yes, also when I was young I dreamed of being a young father, even before I was thirty because I thought that when I was fifty-something my son would be twenty and we could be like friends, ha, ha. That's how my relationship with my father is, he's my friend! We are very close and that is wonderful and I feel very fortunate because he has helped me grow as a person. But well, life has taken me in a different direction. My job is complicated, but I'm not against starting a family, in fact, I think it's a fantastic thing. In Turkey, we have an expression that says "if it happens, it happens". We'll see where the waves take me. 

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