Kerem Bürsin, manager: 'There is no one in his life, we ask for some respect'.

Kerem Bürsin, manager: 'There is no one in his life, we ask for some respect'.

After much silence, the first official statements have been made regarding the break-up between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel. The actor's manager, Günfer Günaydın Ajans, has decided to put to rest the latest gossip about the actor, which speaks not only of the separation with the actress that came about because of the managers but also of the alleged relationship that Kerem is allegedly embarking on with a sports star from Turkey.

Kerem Bürsin's manager denies gossip about her

Kerem Bürsin's manager, Günfer Günaydın Ajans, has issued a statement in which she has tried to quash all the gossip surrounding the actor and has also somehow confirmed that he and Hande Erçel are no longer together.

The statement comes after the Turkish press leaked in recent days that Hande and Kerem had split up at the request of their respective agents so that their careers would not be affected by this love affair. In addition, in the last few hours, gossip about Kerem Bürsin's love life has emerged. According to the Turkish media, the actor is reportedly in a relationship with the Turkish sports announcer Elif Gökalp, and the two are also following each other on Instagram.

In a statement, Günfer Günaydın Ajans said: 'Unfortunately, we feel the need to make a statement because of the rumors published recently in various magazines. The news in which Kerem Bürsin's name is mentioned is not true at all and there is no truth in the leaked rumors.

Although there is no one in Kerem's life, we continue our work with the usual intense pace. We ask the media outlets to respect Kerem and everyone in this sensitive period".

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