Kerem Bürsin stops following Hande Erçel on his networks

Kerem Bürsin stops following Hande Erçel on his networks

Kerem Bürsin has just spent a few days in Spain, specifically in Malaga, on the occasion of the film festival, and coinciding with this fact, we have been able to verify that he has decided to take the step of removing his former girlfriend, Hande Erçel, from his social networks. However, unlike the actress, he has not yet deleted the professional photos he has with her.

The couple is still in the spotlight for their more than likely breakup. Although neither of the two has been encouraged to confirm the end of the relationship or even their continuation, both take each day a step closer to that end. First, it was the removal of their most personal photos together from Instagram; then they launched crossed messages with hints also through that social network. But the only glimmer of hope that remained, also vanished when Hande Erçel deleted her ex-boyfriend from among the profiles she follows and there was no trace of the professional images together that she had left on her page.

Now it has been Kerem who has taken the next step, removing from his Instagram 'friends' the popular actress. Bürsin's moves have been from the beginningless drastic. First, he posted some videos practicing his great hobby, boxing, something he had put aside during his relationship with Erçel. The messages accompanying one of them got people talking: "Morning routine. Rise to shine." And both the hashtag #theonlywayisthrough and the mention of a friend (or his trainer perhaps?) saying "We're back bro," added to speculation that Bürsin meant to imply that he was back in his life, that he was strong after the breakup and that everything was moving on.

In response, Hande posted a more direct comment next to a photo of herself: "There's nothing left". Later, the beautiful actress posted a large number of photos of her stay in London, where she was seen alone, which also added to the rumor that she was putting distance with her boyfriend up to then. At one point, however, it was commented that she might have been with him celebrating Valentine's Day there. This was deduced by a white heart that the actress added in one of the images, a symbol that the couple had to declare their love.

Is there any hope left in the relationship between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel?

Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel have formed the most admired and loved couple of recent times among Turkish actors. Since they starred in Love is in the air, their chemistry was evident and it was clear to their fans that there was more than just a professional relationship between them. So when the couple confirmed their relationship in January last year with idyllic photographs in the Maldives, their fans were overjoyed. Some have not wanted to believe that the breakup is a fact despite the steps taken by both of them, and now some are embracing the fact that Hande's sister, Gamze still follows Kerem on her Instagram, something that has been wanted to be seen as a reconciling role for the girl.

Some Turkish media were talking a few days ago about a possible career strategy, rather than a breakup. Given that neither of the two has confirmed the end of their relationship and taking into account how in love they were, it was commented that perhaps what happened was that the couple had been forced to remove some photographs together in order to continue receiving work projects.

The first removal of photos fell at the time as a jar of cold water, but it was not all the images together that were removed by the couple. The one of Maldives, with which they made their love public, was absent, but some others continued, related to those of the promotional campaign of Love is in the air, some of them more than romantic, which made us think that there was still hope. At the moment, it is only she who has left no trace of any; it is a matter of time before Bürsin does the same, just like unfollowing her.

The root of the breakup could have been caused by Demet Özdemir's alleged professional jealousy towards Hande Erçel, which could have triggered others, personal ones in this case, in Kerem Bürsin's then-girlfriend. Much remains to be seen in the possible breakup between the couple; perhaps there is still some hope.

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