Kerem Bursin unveils all the details of his mysterious new project

Kerem Bursin unveils all the details of his mysterious new project

The Turkish actor Kerem Bursin has been traveling around Spain during the celebration of the 25th edition of the Malaga Film Festival, which is still taking place, and the famous star of Love Is In The Air has fulfilled some of his dreams such as meeting Antonio Banderas, among other events. 

On the occasion of his stay at the Malaga film festival, we were able to chat with the actor about his new project after the successful Turkish series Love Is In The Air. This time, the actor leaves television aside to star in a more independent film called Eflätum, which already has a teaser available that you can see above these lines. 

The film is directed by Cüneyt Karakus, a Turkish independent director who has united for the first time on the big screen Bursin and one of the Turkish actresses of the moment İrem Helvacıoğlu, turned into Oflaz and Eflatun, respectively. This new project is a complete departure from anything seen so far from the Turkish actor, who right now is expectant about what his future will be like professionally.

The film is very interesting and very different from everything he has done so far.

The film, of Turkish production, was shot before the TV series that made him known here in Spain. "I made this film before Love is in the air, but then came the pandemic and everything came to a standstill. It's been almost three years since I made this film." For the actor, with each character he plays, he creates a very special bond, and with this one, it has been something "magical":

It's strange because when you make a film you create a relationship with the character and after having done it almost three years ago it's like it's an old love

In this new adventure, he is accompanied by the also famous Turkish actress Irem Helvacıoglu, star of the Turkish series Fugitive. In the plot, she brings to life a blind woman who crosses Oflaz's path. This character unlike Serkan Bolat in Love Is In The Air, is very lost in life and tries to find the way forward. 

My character is stuck with a life he doesn't like and doesn't want. He doesn't see what's around him and then he crosses paths with her who is blind, but it opens his eyes to what really matters in life.

The actor describes framing the feature film in the naïf genre, and has a great memory of the shooting and above all, of what it was like to shoot with his co-star: "She does an incredible job. It is very difficult to give life to someone with this disability and she did it perfectly. It has been a great experience working together". The release date of the film in Spain is still unknown, but everything seems to point out that it will be released this year 2022. 

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