Kerem Bürsin will leave television? The words of the actor

Kerem Bürsin will leave television? The words of the actor

Kerem Bürsin in recent weeks has often ended up at the center of gossip because of the end of his relationship with Hande Erçel. The Turkish actor, however, in the last few hours seems to have made important statements also about the future of his career. But let's see in detail what he revealed during his stay in Spain. 

In recent days, Kerem Bürsin has often been in the spotlight, especially for his private life. The relationship with Hande Erçel has in fact come to an end. The gossip about the alleged crisis that had hit the couple formed on the set of Love is in the air has been confirmed by the manager of the actor who asked for respect for his privacy.

In the meantime, Kerem Bürsin decided not to lose heart and allowed himself a short stay in Spain. The interpreter of Serkan Bolat in the Iberian peninsula has also met one of his idols since he was a child, Antonio Banderas. But that's not all, because it seems that the actor during his vacation has also made very important decisions about his future, especially the working one.

Kerem Bürsin has decided to take a break from the small screen

Kerem Bürsin achieved international success thanks to the role of Serkan Bolat in Love is in the air. Alongside Hande Erçel, the actor managed to go beyond the borders of Turkey and reach a much wider audience. And that is why now the international star has decided to devote his career to much more important projects. Despite, Kerem Bürsin has decided to refuse the offer of Disney +, in fact, it seems that he already has a plan 'B' for his future in television. But before fulfilling his new projects, the actor admitted that he will take a break from the small screen. The star of Love is in the air stated this during an interview in Spain. "I'm going to take a break for six months," said the actor.

After the break, a new project is already on the way

Kerem Bürsin is convinced that he wants to stop his career and take a six-month break to devote himself to his private life and probably to his beloved ones, which are a bit neglected because of his work. However, despite this small break that the actor has decided to allow himself, it seems that he already has clear ideas for his new projects. "There is already a new project underway, I will be an actor and producer," revealed Kerem Bürsin. The protagonist of Love is in the air explained how this is a project that has been going on for five years and that is finally close to completion. Meanwhile, all the actor's fans were saddened by the news of his little TV break. But the actor is already preparing important surprises for his return in style.

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