Susi Caramelo throws beer on Kerem Bürsin, from 'Love is in the air'.

Susi Caramelo throws beer on Kerem Bürsin, from 'Love is in the air'.

The reporter Susi Caramelo had the opportunity to meet the actor Kerem Bürsin, star of the series Love is in the air, during the Malaga Film Festival, and had a chat with him that will be broadcasted in Rojo Caramelo, on Movistar Plus+.

In a preview it has already been seen that Susi has not hesitated to make Kerem see how much she admires and likes him, something that the actor has taken with humor, playing along. 

"I don't like beer, but I drink it," The reporter tells him when the actor invites her to toast. "I don't know if it's me being too cocky but I swear I've noticed feeling between you and me," Susi Caramelo tells Bürsin, who doesn't flinch at such a statement. 

"Is it me or is there something", the reporter asks him to which the interpreter answers: "You have a wonderful energy, you can feel your energy from there", he says pointing to the other side of the room. 

Before such a statement Susi Caramelo pretends to faint, perhaps expecting the actor to take her in his arms, but what happens is that she pushes his glass, spilling the beer on him. Even so, Kerem Bürsin reacts willingly and tells her "no, no, it's okay", before they end up giving each other a hug. 

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