Can Yaman: on March 29th Viola come il mare will be premiered at Bifest in Bari

Can Yaman: on March 29th Viola come il mare will be premiered at Bifest in Bari

The debut date for Viola come il mare, the Lux Vide TV series starring Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi is still unknown: it is not known how and when it will be placed on the Canale 5 schedule. In the meantime, more detailed indiscretions about the plot are published, with the added possibility of seeing something in preview. In fact, the TV series will be presented during the Bifest, the Bari International Festival, which will be held in the Apulian capital from March 26 to April 2.

Viola come il mare: the preview screened at Bifest

It is not yet known when the series Viola come il mare, starring Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi will debut on Canale 5. Due to some postponements and schedule changes, the Lux Vide production has not yet occupied the Mediaset screens.

The fact is that some lucky people will have the chance to see the fiction in preview, which will be presented in Bari during the Bifest (the Bari International Film Festival, ed), which will be held from Saturday, March 26 to Saturday, April 2. The presentation will be held at the Kursaal Santalucia Theater at 7pm on Tuesday, March 29 and admission is free. At the moment it is not known if Can Yaman will also attend the preview, which will be presented by Daniele Cesarano, the director of Fiction Mediaset.

The plot of Viola come il mare: the meeting between the journalist Viola and the inspector Francesco

Viola come il mare tells the story of Viola Vitale (Francesca Chillemi), a former Miss Italia of Sicilian origin who, after having traveled the world, decides to return to her homeland and move to Palermo to work as a journalist.

She will find herself "fighting" in the editorial office of an online newspaper, where each component will be more fierce than ever. Viola will arrive in the Sicilian capital also for another reason, to look for her father whom she has never met in her life.

Despite her origins, Palermo will be a discovery for her: she will be struck by the energy that the city emanates.

She has a sort of "superpower": she sees people's feelings through synesthesia. She does this by associating a specific color to each type of feeling (for example, she associates red to loneliness, yellow to lies, and orange to trust).

This "superpower" will come in very handy when, for the online magazine, she starts to deal with crime. In fact, Palermo is a city full of mysteries, but also of murder cases, and Viola will use her intuition to try to discover the truth.

During her journey, she will have the opportunity to meet Chief Inspector Francesco Demir (Can Yaman) and Viola will do anything to collaborate with this fascinating but also very unpredictable inspector.

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