Burak Yörük hits a bus driver with several punches: He put my girlfriend in a difficult situation.

Burak Yörük hits a bus driver with several punches: He put my girlfriend in a difficult situation.

Burak Yörük, known for his role as Çinar in 'Love Logic Revenge', has starred this weekend in a nasty altercation with a bus driver. The events took place when the actor, annoyed by the behavior of the individual towards his girlfriend exploded and started punching the bus driver.

As can be seen in the images that have been made public of the incident, after the attack, several police officers had to intervene to stop the aggression and calm the actor, who was out of his mind and did not cease to utter insults against the assaulted. Once the actor was taken away by the officers, the driver showed his intention to file a complaint, but finally, no action was taken by the police officers, who allowed him to leave in his own vehicle. 

Yörük has apologized and explained the reason for the fight.

Hours after the altercation and seeing the repercussion it was having in media and social networks, the actor has released a statement apologizing for what happened and clarifying the reasons that led him to act in that way. "First of all, I would like to say that I am against all forms of violence. I am very sorry and I apologize to everyone for what happened," said the star of ''Love Logic Revenge'.

After the apology, the actor wanted to clarify that if it had not been for what happened previously he would never have assaulted the driver, whom he blames for having endangered the physical integrity of his girlfriend and having insulted her while driving. "The verbal argument we had with a bus driver who put my girlfriend in a difficult situation in traffic, pressured her and cursed as he passed as if that were not enough," he has explained in his profiles on social networks.

After explaining what happened, he acknowledges that it should not have come to physical violence but that he lost his temper when the bus driver pushed him. "The right thing to do would have been to call the police and make my complaint without having any contact with him. But the argument turned into a physical fight when he grabbed me by the window and that's where it got to this point. The police officers responding to the incident followed the original incident to the side of the road to avoid obstructing traffic."

Finally, the actor insists once again that although he acted improperly was the other individual who caused the unpleasant situation and that the images being offered of the incident do not show the reality of what happened and lead to confusion as the initial part of their confrontation is missing. "Unfortunately, the initial moments of the event do not exist in the images that fall in the media. This situation is therefore misleading," he said before again apologizing for what happened. "I sincerely apologize once again to everyone for being in this unfortunate situation."

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