Can Yaman, horrible news for actor: there couldn't have been a worse ending

Can Yaman, horrible news for actor: there couldn't have been a worse ending

Can Yaman despite being so much loved, does not have a very easy life. Once again for the actor came some horrible news. Can Yaman is loved internationally for his acting skills, and for being a simple and humble guy. Thanks to his participation in several films and dramas he was able to acquire a lot of success, not only in his home country of Turkey.

The Turkish actor, with his great talent and irresistible charm, is constantly followed by the whole world. On social networks, in fact, especially on Instagram, he has more than 9 million followers. His success in Italy began with his wonderful performances on the small screen. With the arrival of the television series DayDreamer, notoriety has reached the stars.

So many fans started talking about him and Demet Özdemir. The colleague with whom he also had a flirtation. There were many fans who thought that the two actors, formed the perfect couple. It was not just a hypothesis, however, since between them there was a relationship but then came to an end.

Can Yaman certainly didn't expect this

The cause of the end of this relationship was a betrayal by Can Yaman towards Demet. Despite this, the two remain on very good terms and each has turned over a new leaf by starting new relationships. While Can and Demet continue to maintain a working relationship and even a bond of friendship, a situation could complicate things. 

Recently, specifically on Valentine's Day, Demet Özdemir received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. The two then are close to getting married, and it is wonderful news for the woman. The future husband of the actress, however, does not see eye to eye with the relationship between her Demet and the Turkish actor Can Yaman.

Therefore, things may soon change, and the one who has the worst in this whole situation is precisely the Turkish actor. This is because, the future husband of the actress, has given her an ultimatum. Preventing her from working precisely with Can. Demet's future husband has always been a very jealous man, but his attitude will not be able to benefit the couple. Currently, we do not know whether or not the actress will accept the conditions set by her future husband.

In any case, Demet will have to think a lot. This jealousy, over time, can not only ruin his career, but it can bring a sad end to their relationship and future marriage.

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