Can Yaman on upcoming works: 'Contractually reserved projects, it's a matter of time'

Can Yaman on upcoming works: 'Contractually reserved projects, it's a matter of time'

Recently, Can Yaman has not talked much about himself on social media, he has mainly used them to tell about the commitments and goals of his association Can Yaman for children, which he founded to help hospitalized children. On the day of April 21, however, with a post on Instagram, he wanted to take stock of the situation, talking about his professional career and what awaits him in the future.

Can Yaman and his experience on the set of Viola Come il mare

In his Instagram post, Can Yaman mentioned his experience on the set of Viola Come il mare and the seven months of "hard work and sacrifice" he spent with the other cast members he calls "family."

He also referred to the airing of the TV series that has been repeatedly postponed, "Our beautiful tv show is supposed to be on air in the fall. So, soon enough we will get to enjoy 12 episodes of the first season. I know you can’t wait but it is what it is. So let’s please be patient and wait for it! It will worth it."

Future 'secret' projects

Can Yaman also talked about his work future, admitting that a very busy year awaits him. He was open-hearted with his followers, revealing that he can't divulge too much information about his future plans, partly because they are "contractually confidential." The secrets, however, shouldn't last long, in fact as Can Yaman admitted, "It's just a matter of time."

Apparently, at the moment, they are proceeding with the drafting of a work schedule, which will allow them to find "a common ground for everyone" and as admitted by the same actor: "It takes time to get things done right". In any case, Can Yaman reassured, "Follow me, because I will continue to surprise you."

In the future of the actor El Turco and Sandokan

In the post on Instagram, the actor talked about "contractually reserved" projects and perhaps he could be referring to the Disney Plus production that could see him starring in the near future, namely El Turco. In fact, all Turkish actors currently involved in Disney projects are not divulging details, let alone sharing set photos on social media.

Demet Özdemir herself, who recently started filming for the Disney series Dünyayla Benim Aramda, has often told the press that she cannot reveal anything about her current projects.

The production of Sandokan is also waiting for Can Yaman, even if lately it has been rumored that Lux Vide would prefer to give space to the filming of the third season of Doc 3, the series starring Luca Argentero, who will also be present in the cast of the television serial that tells the story of the Tiger of Mompracem.

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