Can Yaman's autobiography, It seems strange to me too, has helped to satisfy many of the curiosities of fans about the mysterious Turkish actor. As much as he is always very open with his fans, it is well known by now that Yaman is a very private person when it comes to his private life. His book has in fact helped his admirers to get to know him better, discovering new facts ranging from his childhood to his success. 

The actor, however, seems to be discreet not only about his personal sphere but also about some characters mentioned in his book, who he often mentions without entering their full name out of respect for privacy. Among these, is a mysterious letter "G." that has aroused the curiosity of fans even more.

Can Yaman, It seems strange to me too: who is the mysterious "G"?

From the pages of his autobiography, Can Yaman's fans have discovered how the actor was a very stimulated child during his childhood. In fact, the actor says he was passionate about art and culture thanks to his mother Güldem, a teacher by profession. But the love for study seems to have blossomed in him thanks to the meeting of a special person, the mysterious "G."

"G", explains Can Yaman, was a boy of Albanian origin he met when he was 15 years old. The young man was particularly cultured and intelligent, characteristics that won Yaman over. The actor began to have such an esteem for this boy that he took him as a role model, deciding at a young age that he wanted to become like him.

Unfortunately, his friend "G" had to leave Turkey at a certain point, returning to his country of origin, but Can Yaman was able to join him only once, and after that, he never saw him again. The brilliant mind of the actor, who graduated in Law, seems to be due to the knowledge of "G", to whom - even after many years - Can Yaman is still grateful for the imprint he left in his life.

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