Demet Özdemir hotter than ever. Can Yaman's secret like?

Demet Özdemir hotter than ever. Can Yaman's secret like?

Demet Özdemir looks sexier than ever in a selfie posted on her Instagram profile.

A tight dress uncovered part of the body, Demet posts a photo on Instagram showing off all her beauty and sensuality. Thousands of likes (over 450 thousand), hearts, and comments for the beautiful Turkish actress.

Among the many hearts tick three in particular. All related to his former partner Can Yaman in DayDreamer, the soap broadcast on Canale 5 that has been very successful.

The first likes are those of the actors Birand Tunca, the Emre in DayDreamer, and Anil Celik, the CeryCey with whom Demet is still in contact. So far nothing strange, since after filming Demet has remained on good terms with both actors.

The "convicted" heart of Can Yaman's manager

The other little heart comes from Can Yaman's manager, Ilker Bilgi, currently in Italy with Can. Of course, this means little or nothing, but fans of the Turkish actor have immediately assumed that the little heart actually comes from Can and not the manager. Why use this kind of subterfuge? For the fans everything has an explanation: to avoid making Özdemir's boyfriend, the singer Oguzhan Koc, jealous.

In fact, according to rumors Oguzhan would have forbidden his girlfriend Demet to work with Can Yaman and Şükrü Özyıldız, Demet's partner actor in the Netflix movie, Love Tactics.

A hypothesis, however, that is not confirmed, since always according to rumors, Demet seems to have been hired for the filming of Love Tactics 2. 

Meanwhile, the Turkish actress is busy on the set of Dünyayla Benim Aramda, the series for Disney Plus that sees her alongside Buğra Gülsoy and Hafsanur Sancaktutan. Apparently, despite having signed a deal with Disney, she would be allowed to film the second chapter of Love Tactics with Netflix, as it would be a continuation of an old project.

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