Hande Erçel shows herself elusive towards questions about Kaan Yıldırım and fuels dating rumors.

Hande Erçel shows herself elusive towards questions about Kaan Yıldırım and fuels dating rumors.

Is Hande Erçel in love? That is the big question that the Turkish media has been asking for almost two weeks now. Ever since the actress was spotted leaving a drinking establishment in the wee hours of the morning accompanied by actor Kaan Yıldırırım, speculations about a possible romance have not ceased.

According to many Turkish media news, the couple, who met in 2019 when they were both parts of the starring cast of the series 'Halka', would have met again recently and the spark would have jumped. For the moment neither of the two has been pronounced but this has only fueled the rumors.

Although she is little given to talk about her private life, the truth is that her attitude contrasts with that maintained a few weeks ago when rumors surfaced about a possible relationship with Atasay Kamer, commercial director of a major jewelry brand. At that time, the actress was quick to deny the romance through her closest environment.

However, this time, after ten days of rumors, the actress neither confirms nor denies the relationship. Upon her arrival at the airport after a getaway with her sister Gamze to Milan, the actress avoided questions and gave evasive answers. "Let's not talk about this now. We'll chat at a better time," she simply said. 

The first images of the couple

Speculation about the couple's romance began at the end of March after a night out at a nightclub in the Emirgan district of Istanbul, when the couple got into the same car and left the place early in the morning. When surprised by the press, the couple looked uncomfortable and avoided making any statements.  

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