Kerem Bürsin, acclaimed soap opera actor: I am a normal person.

Kerem Bürsin, acclaimed soap opera actor: I am a normal person.

Kerem Bürsin, the leading actor in the Turkish series Love is in the air, took a bath of crowds in his recent passage through the Malaga Film Festival, to where even buses arrived, in trips organized in the networks, with hundreds of fans who wanted to see him. "For me, it's huge to be recognized, in any way," says Bürsin, although he immediately confesses that "in life" he is going to get used to "this". "When I'm at home, or I'm working, I don't think about it, I'm a normal person," he assures.

But the truth is that Bürsin is quite special. Apart from his physique, which combines the sober beauty of a man with the innocence of his gaze and a perfect smile, the actor is an enterprising young man, unconventional, determined to change some things, as many as he can, he says. "I have a production company in Turkey and, as an actor, I see things being done that I would do differently, maybe taking a bit more risk," he says, "and I say that about the people who work on the film sets, as well as those who make the content. "And I would like to give a chance to those who have it harder. When I lived in the U.S., I had three different jobs, went to auditions, and received one 'no' after another: I know what that's like and not to lose hope," says the actor.

He assures that his life as an artist has given him the perspective to know that "the most important thing is that someone trusts you, that they believe in you, and I know there are many people with a lot of talent and I want to give them that opportunity". But there is another reason why Bürsin wants to make audiovisual productions "in his own way." As a Turk, he says, his "biggest" dream is to "represent" his country, "and I know that now there are perceptions of my country that are not exactly how it really is; I, as an actor, want to be one of the voices of Turkey."

"I know that famous people, actors, sportsmen, have an incredible power to influence and make things change and in a world as disgusting as the one we are in today it is very important to give positive guidelines - Kerem adds, convinced; we are different, but we can be at the same table, talk, we can laugh, make jokes". And the Turkish actor does not hesitate to make clear what his vision of the world is. "When you talk to people there are no problems, people understand each other, it's the politicians who are the problem, the capitalist system and patriarchy, those are the world's problems," he said.

The success of the Turkish series He laughs to admit that he does not know what has happened in the world with the Turkish series; he does consider that it is wonderful what happens with the series in general, for example, he says, in Turkey the success of the Spanish series is overwhelming. "It's what we have been seeing in the last ten years there and here, it doesn't matter what language you speak, what matters are the emotions that are transmitted, art is a universal language." He believes that the success of series like Love is in the air is that it brings together the ingredients that producers are looking for to sell it better; in Turkey, he explains, " a lot" of series are made.

"Everyone is looking for the perfect ingredient, but I think the secret is not me, I think this is an orchestra, it's my colleagues, the cameramen, the lights; and most importantly, because we work 18 hours a day six days a week, and practically spend our lives on set, we are like a family and that is reflected in the episodes."

Bürsin says he has chosen to make people happy because, at the same time, that's what makes him happy, "not so much popularity, but art." "This thing I'm living is a dream I've had since I was little and I think this work is the fuel that fills me up to keep going, not so much being famous or being over-appreciated for my work, that's not my fuel, my fuel is doing really, really good, high-quality things."

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