Kerem Bürsin face of Under Armour shares backstage of commercial on lnstagram

Kerem Bürsin face of Under Armour shares backstage of commercial on lnstagram

Kerem Bürsin has become the Turkish face of Under Armour and shares behind-the-scenes photos of his latest sport for the brand on Instagram. Under Armour, is a sporting goods brand that started its business in 1996 with a "T-shirt." Made with a fabric designed to give the feel of cotton but very high performance for sports activities.

A perfect combination of materials that absorb sweat leaving the skin dry as they make the evaporation of moisture fast. In short, a revolution that marks an expansion of the line. 

They manage to create a complete line of clothing for every type of sporting activity. Over the years many faces of sport and entertainment choose this brand and become testimonials. They have stores all over the world and among their strengths, there are also several projects of inclusion, equality, respect, and sustainability aimed at the social media and environmental sphere. 

Among its testimonials are Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Stephen Curry. The choice for Turkey was not only because he is a popular actor and a sportsman but, above all, because he represents the principles of Under Armour Kerem is known for his commitment in the first person with "He for She" but also for the initiatives in which he takes part aimed at raising awareness of social issues. 

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