Kerem Bürsin had a depressed childhood, we tell you why

Kerem Bürsin had a depressed childhood, we tell you why

In the book "Your Story", whose profits will be donated to projects aimed at the education of disadvantaged girls, the protagonist of "Love is in the air", Kerem Bürsin, has explained that, when he was 12 years old, his family moved from Turkey to the USA.

Over there, people's difficulty in understanding his name and the Islamophobia generated after the attack on the World Trade Center made him feel excluded and he fell into a depression. 

In fact, after this attack, many Arabs and Muslims discriminated against in the United States, decided to hide their roots, although this was not Kerem's case. From his years living in the United States, Kerem retains a perfect English. Here you can see him speaking this language and demonstrating his great sense of humor with Susi Caramelo:

His father helped him reconcile with his roots.

After a hard time, his progenitor explained to him where his name came from, from the poem "To Be Like Kerem", by Turkish playwright Nazım Hikmet, which helped him a lot to reconcile with himself. 

In fact, when he was asked to change his name at the beginning of his career, he flatly refused, claiming that he is unique and very proud of his name. 

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