Kerem Bürsin in Madrid, rumor: he may have a new work project in the pipeline

Kerem Bürsin in Madrid, rumor: he may have a new work project in the pipeline

In the last few days, Kerem Bürsin, in "silent social" mode, went to Madrid for a few days of vacation. Will it be just for a little rest? It might not be so for some: in fact, it is rumored that the actor has flown to Spain for work projects. Meanwhile, Hande Erçel's vacation in Milan continues and the Turkish press has released some more details about the Erçel sisters' stay in the city.

Kerem Bürsin and the arrival in Madrid

If Hande Erçel is on vacation in Milan, Kerem Bürsin has arrived in Madrid a few days ago. To confirm this was the many photos posted by fans on social networks, but especially the one with Spanish singer Natalia Rodriguez, who has aroused so much interest among the media.

Kerem Bürsin has arrived in Spain quite silently, without sharing anything on his social networks, but his presence certainly can not go unnoticed, especially for the most ardent fans.

Kerem Bürsin might have some working projects in Spain

Lately, Kerem Bürsin is often seen in Spain. Recently he was a guest at the Festival de Málaga, where he had the opportunity to meet Antonio Banderas, and who knows, he might be in the Iberian land just for a new work project.

In fact, this trip made "in silence", makes us think that Kerem is in Madrid not only for a simple vacation but for work projects.

When Kerem himself was in Málaga, he met the actor Carlos Bardem and on Instagram he had declared that together with him he should "talk about some projects". In short, the indiscretions could become reality.

Hande Erçel's vacation in Milan continues

In the meantime, the Turkish press takes care of Hande and Gamze Erçel's Milan vacation. According to the media, even during their vacation their work as influencers would continue. In fact, apparently, the stay at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan would be free, in exchange for advertising on social networks. In fact, the Erçel sisters, together, have a base of more than 30 million followers and their stay would be worth about 20,000 Turkish liras per night (a little more than 1,200 euros).

Meanwhile, the vacation continues around the center of Milan, and on the evening of April 4, Hande and Gamze were immortalized in front of the Duomo.

Some fans have hoped to see Hande as a guest at Verissimo since Tuesday, April 5, will air the series finale of Love is in the air, but at the moment this possibility seems quite remote. Meanwhile, they are content to take at least one photo with her, in fact on the web there are many photos with fans, taken especially at the entrance of the hotel where she is staying.

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